Employee safety is an integral part of any organization’s HR Administration. There are multiple ways of ensuring the safety of employees such as providing health insurance, training them in first aid and building ambulance rooms.

VMEDO is a premier organization which is working towards improving the quality of employee safety in the country. If you want to train people in first aid or build an ambulance room please call 9343180000

What is employess safety?

Employee safety is a comprehensive way of ensuring the safety of a worker provided by the organization. Employee safety is a mandatory benefit provided by the company which is not calculated as a part of employee compensation.

There are various ways of providing ensuring employee safety, as it differs from one industry to other. For example it is important in construction industries to always provide helmets and safety vests to its employees. It’s important in a boiler industry to have proper first aid knowledge on burns and so on…

Importance of employee safety?

Employee safety is one of the most important and easiest way to improve employee satisfaction. Imagine if you’re an employee and your employer goes an extra way to improve your health and safety, won’t it feel amazing? Yes, so we consider improving employee safety will improve employee satisfaction.

It is a LEGAL duty of every employer to provide safe and emergency sensitive environments. You’ll get into a lot of trouble during accidents if the statutory conditions aren’t met.

Accidents cause a lot of problems one of them include loss of resources, if one person has an accident on the work floor, employer is going to lose resources in terms of money and time.

First aid training as per factory act to improve employee safety

First aid training and First aid box are one of the most important parts of improving the employee safety. According to Factory act 1948 article 45 every workspace need to have a first aid box with contents that’s required for your specific business.

Every workplace is supposed to conduct first aid training to its employees so that they understand how to use the first aid box and how to treat in case there are any accidents.

Ambulance room to improve employee safety as per factory act

Ambulance room is a necessity in companies with more than 500 employees. With more than 500 people any organization needs to have its own OHS (Organizational health and safety) Department. Ambulance rooms are managed  by these OHS teams.

Ambulance rooms consists of a first responder kit, safety posters, rental ambulance a paramedic and a doctor according to your needs.

VMEDO has been helping corporates to improve the quality of their workplace safety from the last 3 years by providing exceptional first aid training and Ambulance room setup services. If you have any need for the following you can contact us on 9343180000


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