Fri. Jan 28th, 2022
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“My father is 85 years old and has Alzheimer’s. We want to travel to Bangalore for treatment” asked one of our friends. He went onto explain the daunting task of having to move his father in and around the house, making it almost impossible for them to even think of travelling in their vehicle even for 100m outside. I advised him to opt for an air ambulance and avail the services of VMEDO for ambulances at the airport.

This situation is a faced by so many of us today, aging parents, nuclear families, apartment high rises and availability of better health facilities elsewhere in the city or state. Transportation of elderly to these medical facilities is a challenge owing to old age and other complications that may arise during movement.

 If you are stuck in such a situation, here is what you have to do:

  1. Check with your local doctor and ask him to provide a FIT to FLY certificate in the name of the patient traveling. The doctor shall make an assessment and deem fit whether the patient can travel in the airplane for long distances.

  2. The Fit to Fly certificate needs to be given to the medical assistance wing of the aircraft.

  3. Book a non-emergency ambulance from your home with the VMEDO app. A non-emergency ambulance has all the basic equipment needed to safely transport a patient with the aid of wheelchairs, stretchers, and a bed to make the transport comfortable. There are trained medical personnel available in the ambulance in case there arise any contingencies during transport.

  4. The same VMEDO app can be used to book an ambulance at the airport of the destination airport. A similar ambulance with the same facilities as above is available to make medical transportation to the designated medical facilities.


 This process is hassle-free for both the patient as well as their near and dear ones. There is no need for unnecessary stress in terms of transport, movement of even bedridden patients or transport involving multi-storeyed buildings

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 How to book an ambulance? 

 It longer has to have multiple searches or multiple phone calls to various ambulance vendors. This step has been made a lot easier and user-friendly with the VMEDO app.VMEDO is on a mission to make medical transportation affordable and easily accessible to all.

Download the VMEDO app on your phone and book the ambulance at the touch of a button. The GPS services shall find the location and find the place of pick up. VMEDO has tied up with a vast network of both government and private ambulances and can help you find an ambulance faster and makes the entire process hasslefree.

 The same app can be used for booking ambulances for emergency purposes as well, the app also can be used as a beacon to find blood donors nearby in case of desperate need. The app supports a large number of health calculators also inbuilt and most importantly a list of first aid responses available in case of multiple incidents such as thermal burns, electric burns, snake bite, dog bite and so on.




VMEDO is a Healthcare Technology start-up focused on solving Emergency Healthcare and Medical transportation problem In India. Download VMEDO APP

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