Industrial First Aid Kit Manufacturers and Price in India

Industrial First Aid Kit manufacturers in India

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Importance of Industrial First Aid Kits

VMEDO Industrial first aid kits play a critical role in maintaining the health and safety of workers in various industries. These kits are designed to provide immediate medical assistance in the event of workplace injuries or medical emergencies. 

VMEDO Industrial first aid kit, has the following features,

1) They are designed as per Factories Act

2) They provide medical treatment for workplace injuries and emergencies on time.

3) They have a complete set of necessary items with reference to the industrial injuries.

4) VMEDO First Aid Kits are bigger compared to other first aid kits available in the market,

Specifications of VMEDO Industrial First Aid Kit:
Dimensions: L xW x H; 7″ X 13″ X 16″
Weight: 4 kg

Here’s why VMEDO industrial first aid kits are important:

Rapid Response to Injuries: Accidents and injuries can happen unexpectedly in industrial settings. Having a well-equipped first aid kit on hand allows immediate response to injuries, which can help prevent complications and minimize the severity of injuries.

Reduced Downtime: Timely and effective first aid can lead to quicker recovery for injured employees. This can reduce the amount of time an employee needs to take off work due to an injury, minimising downtime and maintaining productivity.

Prevention of Complications: Properly addressing injuries and medical issues with the aid of the right supplies can prevent minor problems from escalating into more serious complications. For example, treating a small wound promptly can help prevent infection.

Emergency Stabilization: In certain situations, industrial first aid kits may provide the initial stabilization necessary until professional medical help arrives. This can be especially crucial in remote or high-risk work environments where medical assistance may not be immediately available.

Compliance with Regulations: Many countries have regulations and standards that require employers to provide appropriate first aid supplies and training for their employees. Having a well-stocked and up-to-date first aid kit ensures compliance with these regulations.

Boosting Employee Morale: When employees know that their workplace is equipped to handle medical emergencies, it can boost their confidence and morale. They feel cared for and valued by their employer, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and loyalty.

Promotion of Safety Culture: Providing easily accessible first aid kits sends a strong message about the importance of safety within the organization. It encourages a culture of safety, where employees are more likely to take precautions and report potential hazards.

Customized for Industry Risks: Industrial first aid kits can be tailored to the specific risks and needs of a particular industry. For example, a construction site might require kits that include supplies for treating trauma and heavy bleeding, while a chemical plant might need kits with supplies for chemical exposure.

Training and Education: First aid kits often come with basic instructions for using the supplies effectively. This can encourage employees to take first aid training and become more confident in responding to emergencies.

Legal Protection: In case of a workplace injury, having a well-maintained first aid kit and a documented history of first aid responses can provide legal protection for employers by demonstrating their commitment to safety.

List of medical items stored in Industrial First Aid Kit as per Factory Act, 1948, for 50 people:

Medical ItemQuantity
Cutting Scissor1
First Aid Box1
Torch(Light )1
Safety Pin (pack of 10)1
Eye Wash Cup1
Wooden Splint2
First Aid Guide1
Alcohol Swabs3
Safety Items 
Gloves(Latex Powder Free)1
Soft Stretcher1
Sanitizer 100ml1
Rescue Sheet1
CPR Mask1
Adhesive Plaster big10
Adhesive Plaster Round10
Roller Bandage Small(10×3)10
Roller Bandage Small(5×3)10
Roller Bandage Small(15×3)10
Absorbent Cotton 25gm10
Sterile Dressing 5cm10
Sterile Dressing 7.5cm10
Sterile Gauze 5cmx5cm10
Sterile Gauze 7.5cmx7.5cm10
Sterile Gauze 10cmx10cm10
Adhesive Plaster (7.5cmx5m)1
Adhesive plaster (2.5cm*1m)2
Tincture 20ml1
Antiseptic Cream1
Hemostatic Sponge1
Micropore Tape2
Amputated Covers1
Sterile Burn Dressing5
Eye Injuries 
Eye Pad12
Eye Drops1
Crepe Bandage-1
Cold Pack 200gms1
Triangular Bandage5
Pain Gel Cream 30 gms1
Potassium Crystal 20gms1
Aspirin Tablet5

If you are looking for First Aid Kit Manufactures, Models and Price please click here or call +917406000610

Overall, industrial first aid kits are a vital component of workplace safety and are essential for providing prompt and appropriate medical care to employees in times of need.

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