Are you amongst those who spend most of your work at the office; seated at your desk – working late hours without taking a break?

We think it is time you took a break and read this article. It may help you get a little more balance to your health. Researchers and doctors are of the opinion that sitting for long periods of time may be fostering a dangerous habit.

Sitting in one place is bound to make you lazy, do you find yourself stacking all the food items at your place because you are too lazy to get up each time. Sitting is doing you no good, in fact, it is making you lazy. This sedentary lifestyle is doing you no good, since it may be a prime factor in your weight gain.

Sitting also increases the pressure on your lower back, sitting too straight or slouched up to your computer is doing you no good, a wrong posture can hurt both the neck and the back. The neck region is the only region with the most connectivity to the brain since all the signals passing via the spine or other neurons mandatorily have a checkpoint at the neck.

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For those who already have the beer belly or the slight tummy bulge, sitting long hours is making the situation worse with a lot more pressure exerted on your heart, this increases the chances of suffering a heart attack.

The above reasons are not meant to instill fear in your mind but to let you know of the possible problems you may be inviting by sitting just at your desk.

But the remedy to this is very simple and easy. With adopting a habit which involves you moving about or taking breaks twice every hour can help you mitigate all the above problems.

1. It is recommended that you get up at least once every half an hour and stretch your back and let your hands loose, breathe in and breathe out to just relax.

Try and see an object that is far from your vision for a few seconds, this effectively relaxes your eyes.

2. Stand up and take a walk, maybe to your colleague’s desk at the far end of the office cubicles, this shall get the blood flowing into the lower half of your body, this shall automatically make you feel fresh, who knows you may have that Eureka moment that you have been waiting for.

3. Take a break.

Go out for coffee or to the pantry.

Take this time to find out about your colleagues and maybe take the washroom break.

Holding on for too long to take that break maybe not too helpful for your bladder, you may be fostering ideal conditions for kidney stones and other issues.

All in all, it is imperative to remember not to stay sedentary, stack up on the office desk with eateries and binge eat them. We all spend a huge amount of our adult life in the office, it is best we take these simple steps to make our bodies stay in top shape.

Remember to take a break, or else you may heading – straight to the emergency wards in some years.


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