Ventilator Manufacturers, Brands and Suppliers in India

If you are looking for Ventilator Manufacturers, Brands and Suppliers in India, then you have come to the right place. Before diving into the list of manufacturers, brands, suppliers and the cost, let us understand the meaning of Ventilators. To know more details, call us at +917406000610 or mail us at

What Is a Ventilator?

A Ventilator is a device that supports or recreates the process of breathing by pumping air into the lungs. Sometimes, people refer to it as a vent or breathing machine.

There are different types of ventilator, and each provides varying levels of support. The type a doctor uses will depend on the patient’s condition.

Ventilators play an important role in saving lives, in hospitals and ambulances. People who require long-term ventilation can also use them at home.

The Different types

  1. Based on application of airflow pressure, Ventilators are classified into two types:
  • Compressor-based Ventilators
  • Turbine-based Ventilators

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Which is better between Turbine Based and Compressor Based Ventilators?

According to research conducted by doctors and ventilator technicians at a university hospital, turbine-based ventilators’ performance is better than compressor-based ones in conventional circumstances, but compressor-based ones perform better at the time of higher air pressure and volume needs.

Based on ways a person can receive ventilator support, Ventilators are classified as:

  • Face mask ventilators
  • Mechanical ventilators
  • Manual resuscitator bags
  • Tracheostomy ventilators

Face mask ventilator

A face mask ventilator is a non-invasive method of supporting a person’s breathing and oxygen levels. To use one, a person wears a mask that fits over the nose and mouth while air blows into their airways and lungs.

Mechanical ventilator

Mechanical ventilators are machines that take over the breathing process entirely. Doctors use these when a person cannot breathe on their own due to critical illness or is undergoing surgery.

Mechanical ventilators work via a tube in a person’s throat, pumping air into the lungs and transporting carbon dioxide away.

People with COVID-19 may need a mechanical ventilator if they are critically ill.

Manual resuscitator bags

Manual resuscitator bags allow people to control the airflow of their ventilator with their hands. These devices consist of an empty bag, or “bladder,” that a person squeezes to pump air into the lungs.

A person can attach one of these devices to a face mask ventilator, or, if they are intubated, a doctor can attach one to the tube in their throat.

This can be used as a temporary solution if a person on a mechanical ventilator needs to stop using it. For example, if there is a power outage, a person can use a manual resuscitator bag while waiting for the power to come back on.

Tracheostomy ventilator

Tracheostomy is a procedure where a doctor creates an opening in the windpipe and inserts a tube, which allows air to flow in and out. This enables the patient to breathe without using their nose or mouth.

People may require tracheostomies if they need mechanical ventilation for an extended period of time and need more time for rehabilitation.

Others may require tracheostomies long term if they have conditions such as chronic lung disease or a neuromuscular disorder that weakens the breathing muscles. Some individuals can manage their own tracheostomy at home.

Modes of Ventilation:

There are three modes of ventilation:

  1. Assist Control (A/C)
  • Breaths delivered by the ventilator control either volume or pressure. 
  • Ventilator delivers a preset volume of air every time
  • Breath can be initiated by the patient or the ventilator.
  1. Spontaneous (SPONT)
  • Patient-initiated and sustained breathing
  • Ventilator controls oxygen amount and pressure
  • Delivers flow and volume required to help the patient breathe
  • Patient can breathe at a continuous positive airway pressure
  1. Synchronised Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)

        Combination of set patient or ventilator-initiated breaths delivered by the ventilator that              controls volume or pressure, and the patient’s own spontaneous breaths.

List of Ventilator Manufacturers available in India

Ventilator BrandVentilator Model/Make
AmoulAmoul T5
Amoul T6
BPLElisa 300
Elisa 600/800
Leoni Plus
Prisma Vent 40
Prisma Vent 50 C
CardiolabsCvent 1200T
Trivitron Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.eVolution 3e Essential Ventilator
Inspiration 7i Ventilator 
CareFusion VentilatorVyaire CareFusion Avea Ventilator
CareFusion/VIASYS AVEA Ventilator
ResventRV 200
DraegerDraeger Savina
Draeger Savina 300 Classic
Draeger Savina 300 Select
PhilipsTrilogy EVO
Trilogy EV 300
V60 Plus
Carescape R860 Ventilator
MedionMedion Altima
Shangrilla 510SAeonmed
MedtronicNewport e360
Simv(VC) Newport HT 50
Puritan Bennet 980
Puritan Bennet 840
SchillerGraphnet TS
Sophie Ventilator
SkanraySkan- Respiro

Note: There are even more manufacturers available in the market which we might have not listed here. 

What you should know before buying a Ventilator?

You need to understand the technical and conditional aspects before buying a ventilator.

Here is a list of the technical aspects you need to ensure:

Ventilator Technical Checklist

  • Perform a visual inspection for any signs of damage
  • Sanitise the units
  • Run a performance check
  • Check air pressure and O2 supply
  • Check the expiratory valve to make sure there are no leaks
  • Verify that all alarms are working

Ventilator Conditional Checklist

  • Warranty on the unit as a whole and individual parts
  • Service Support / Free Services and Availability of Service in your location
  • Delivery and Installation Assistance
  • Availability of Standby

Cost of Ventilator Available in India

The cost of a Ventilator depends on the manufacturer, brand, supplier and type.

The cost of accessories are brand specific. The list of accessories are:

Ventilator Accessories

  • Non-invasive Ventilation Masks
  • Breathing Circuits
  • Patient Filters
  • Accessory Set 

Where to buy a Ventilator in India at the best price? Who is the Ventilator Supplier in India?

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