Ventilators: All you need to know | Difference between Turbine Based and Compressor Based Ventilators

Medical Ventilators are the devices used to assist the breathing of the patients in hospital Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Operating Rooms (OR).

The Different types

Based on the devices used in the application of airflow pressure, Ventilators are classified into two types:

  • Compressor based Ventilators
  • Turbine based Ventilators

Compressor based

These are the ones that use a compressor for high-pressure air supply during the ventilation process are called compressor-based ventilators. 

Compressor-based ventilators supply the high-pressure air with the help of two units; a fan/turbine and an air compression chamber. The fan/turbine drags air from the room and pushes it into the compression chamber. 

The compression chamber is a solid tank made of a strong material to hold the compressed air for a longer period. The air outlet from the air compression chamber to the inlet of the patient air circuit goes through valves controlled by electric actuators. These electric actuators are controlled by the parameter settings provided to the ventilator operator on the control panel.

The Parameters to control electric actuators

  • Pressure
  • Volume
  • Time 

Sometimes the compressed air cylinders will be connected to the ventilator in order to achieve the higher air pressure needs.

Turbine based

Turbine-based ventilators extract the air from the room and push it into a small air chamber where the air outlet is connected to the patient air circuit through valves that are controlled by electric actuators. The electric actuators are controlled by the parameter settings made by the ventilator operator. Here too, the air pressure, volume, and time are the main parameters.

The turbine-based ventilators are the latest technology ventilators that are robust in nature and have some manufacturing and user-friendly features. They are less prone to maintenance and service issues. Most of the new manufacturers are adopting turbine-based technologies.

Which is better between Turbine Based and Compressor Based Ventilators?

According to the research conducted by doctors and ventilator technicians at a university hospital, turbine-based ventilators’ performance is better than compressor-based ones in conventional circumstances, but compressor-based ones perform better at the time of higher air pressure and higher volume needs.

Differenec between turbine based and compressor based ventilators

Source: NCBI

Why are turbine-based ventilators preferred?

Let us look at the reasons behind opting for a turbine-based one.

  • Pressure stimulated ventilation requires faster response by the ventilator system during critical conditions of the patient in ICU and OR.
  • Turbine based ventilators reach set pressure targets faster compared with compressor based ones.
  • The energy component requirement of compressor based ventilators is higher than turbine based ones, except for the situation of compressed air cylinder employment in the compressor based ventilator. This means the power consumption of a compressor based ventilator is higher than turbine based.
  • Air flow trigger performance and pressure time product (PTP) criteria are better achieved by turbine based ventilators than compressor based ones.
  • Post COVID-19 crisis, most of the manufacturers of medical devices in India are adopting critical care equipment in their product portfolio. The manufacturing of turbine based ventilators involves less usage of spares and lower IOT (Internet of Things) complexity compared to that of the compressor based ventilators. So most of the ventilator manufacturers in and brands in India are choosing the turbine based ventilator devices.

Best Manufacturers and Brands of Ventilators available in India

It is essential to do market research before buying anything from the market. Does it have the application which you are looking for? Is the quality reliable? How is the servicing from the company in case of repair or replacement?.

Few of the leading manufacturers and brands of Compressor based Ventilators available in India are: 

Manufacturer Model
Skanray Skan-Respiro
Draeger  Savina
Maquet Servo S
Servo I
Servo Air

There is a big list of turbine-based compressor ventilators for  Emergency Care in the market. Few of the leading manufacturers and brands of Turbine based ones available in India are: 

Manufacturer Model
AgVa  AgVa AV AD
AgVA Ambulance
BPL Prisma Vent 40
Prisma Vent 50 C
Elisa 300
Elisa 600
Leoni Plus HFO
Aeonmed  Shangrila 510 S
Resvent RV 200
Resmed  Astral 150

Suppliers of the Best Manufacturers and Brands of Ventilators available in India

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Ventilator brands in India

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